BEST DRESSED OF THE WEEK:So damn cool. Actress Rashida Jones proves that colourful cropped trousers and a white blazer combo is a fine choice for a summer’s eve.


can every tv show with a laugh track be replaced with amy poehler’s cackle??

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Sara Bareilles for Entertainment Weekly

Tina Fey, Jeff Richmond aka the most adorable married couple on earth?

I like that age, where you’re not quite into boys yet and really think you can be an astronaut, a teacher, a doctor and a roller skater. That girl and I live in the same world.

Amy Poehler

I had a bunch of really weird stuffed animals when I lived in New York, and my ex-boyfriend while I was gone in Africa for a month, he took all my stuffed animals and he made a photo album of him and my stuffed animals, like all over the city doing things that I like to do. So, that’s kinda romantic in a creepy way. - Aubrey Plaza